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16 licence to kill

Licence to Kill (1989) is the 16th James Bond film. James Bond leaves the British secret service in order to go after drug lord Franz Sanchez, who tortured Bond's best friend, DEA agent Felix Leiter and murdered Leiter's wife on the evening of their wedding.

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Unidentified KnifeEdit

James Bond (Timothy Dalton) is armed with this knife while sneaking on board of the Wavekrest.


James Bond threatens Lupe Lamora (Talisa Soto) with his knife.


Bond examines the wounds on Lupe's back.

Unidentified KnifeEdit

Dario (Benicio Del Toro) uses this knife throughout the movie.


Dario takes out his knife during the fight in the Barrelhead Bar.


Dario uses his knife when trying to get James Bond into the crushing machine.


A closer view of the knife.

Unidentified MacheteEdit

Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) uses this machete, which was previously used by one of his truck drivers.


Sanchez tells Bond to get up.


Sanchez prepares to kill Bond.