The year was 1986 and the adventure comdey Big Trouble in Little China was to be a hit with a very discerning cross-section of the movie going public.  Set in Chinatown, San Francisco and apparently current day 1986...

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Asian BladesEdit

Butterfly Sword

Dao Blade (single edged broadsword)

Dragon's Head

Straight Sword (Jian)

Wang Chi's Cleaver

Thunder's Crescent Daggers

Kukri (thrown by the three storms)

Jack Burton's Boot KnifeEdit

The Jack Burton boot knife was likely based on the Blackie Collins/Gerber TAC I/II. 

It is "based on" because there are some differences in blade profile between the actual production blades and what were prop knives made so "Jack" could handle the knife by the blade, carry it in his teeth, or throw it ... "it's all in the reflexes..."